Bring in Weight Reihe – kuratiert von Harm Lux

Wo befindet sich der Ursprung des Populismus? Wie formen sich die individuellen Stimmen der Einzelnen zu dieser politischen und gesellschaftlichen Bewegung? Durch einen Dialog mit der ersten existierenden journalistischen KI holt Maria Justus die dahinter verborgene, schwankende Ambivalenz zu Vorschein.

Where is the origin of populism? How do the individual voices of people shape this political and societal movement? Through a dialogue with the first existing journalistic AI, Maria Justus brings to the forefront the underlying, fluctuating ambivalence hidden behind it.


Script for „Populism is meaningless“: 


Populism is ambivalent, fluctuating, unstable, insecure in itself, opportunistic. Populism is a tool of communication and manipulation. It’s a concept of storytelling: exciting, electrifying, motivating, explaining, relieving. Populism gives hope and delivers easy solutions. The happiness is just a step away. Populism makes an enemy out of our friend and a friend out of the enemy. Populism is black and white.

The Populist Leader exists to lead an audience to a different experience to a new political reality. The Leader is not an educated person. He, or she, is not concerned with the facts of facts and evidence. They are simply a people that feel themselves a part of something.
The Leader is not a philosopher. He simply tells the people what they feel they should hear.

The Leader is not a person that can learn things from the people that are with them. The Leader cannot see the real world, for when the people are with the Leader, it is like he is invisible to the real world. The Leader can neither understand nor be understood by them. The Leader is a man, who cannot understand the people in the crowd.

There is no question in which the people are the most deceived. There is no question in which the people have been deceived by the Leader. What happened to them? What does the Leader believe is the solution to all these problems? What is the Leader to do once he becomes the leader of the people. The Leader is the one who can do more than any person that has ever lived.

We need to talk about the dissolve the leadership. It is our destiny that the people of this country need to wake up and the Leader cannot be trusted. In that sense, the leaders are not real people, but simply the ones who can tell the people what they want to hear.
This is where the magic happens, as a friend said to me. And the solution is, Go to the next one. Be the great savior.

The Populists do not exist; they act like people of a past that no longer exists and have decided to pretend like someone else exists. To be a political leader is not to think logically, but to respond to the demands of the moment: to the needs of an audience. The populist movement, the Populist Leader, the leader that speaks in a language that is not his own, to the audience’s witnesses. This is why democracy and politics are an illusion.

No. There can be only one political Party. So the question that comes to mind is: who among all the political parties will the people want their voices to prevail over?
Let’s make a list of the Populist candidates, in order of which I believe are most likely to win. Populist will appear no least. This will help to decide which way is correct and which ways is wrong.

Populism is a new religion. Populism is a way of communication which is designed for an easy consumption. It promises light, but brings darkness. It promises stability but brings chaos.. Populism lets people down.

Now you just have to keep on running, and soon, the country will turn into a zombie nation – like in the movie The Ring. If you haven’t already noticed, this is the „new world order“ – a dream created by the same people that were behind the New World Order.
They have no intention of giving up power – they just want to hide behind some of these „tricks“ they have for getting what they want. For most politicians, the primary reason to run for office is simply to ‚get noticed‘ by our friends in the big media.

In doing so, some run as a puppet or a lightweight, but in many cases, they are actually in the mainstream parties and are used as a pawn in the game of getting control of what is left of the

traditional media. Their main goal seems to be to not have people vote for them anymore, so that the politicians can take over. So basically, what the establishment wants is a new „conscience“ of sorts, as well as control over the people’s heads.
The most interesting thing we will learn from history and other studies is why there is so little understanding of the people. I’d be surprised if people were able to learn anything from history, or how they see the world, unless they were in the big power game. The average person does not belong in the game any more – they are being used as they always were, without any opposition. So we come to the answer – they don’t have any choice but to get fed up with the corrupt system. For them, running for office is simply a way of getting noticed by their friends in the big media. It is not an option anymore. But they want to make sure they get this job for a reason. A big reason could be that the big media does not want them to be noticed. To make things interesting, a major media company like ABC would hire an ex-President to make the news for a month or two and then take it over.

When these people see the world through the mainstream media lens, they get a false picture of it, that it is a safe world, which it rarely is. There is a huge difference between what is available to a majority of people in America and what is available to majority of the people in Egypt, Venezuela, the Philippines, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, which is the ’new world order‘. These things will always stay out of people’s way.


Populism doesn’t touch the heart of the nation, it uses it’s fear to fuel the power of manipulating mechanisms. It exists as a construct for itself, being above all the political movements and leaders. It is not sustained by a single consistent ideology or issue position.
In the times of reality shows, social media, easy processable contents populistic structures won new tools of communication.

Power. And they can control it to be the best they can, the people are in control of the media, the people are in control. If they don’t trust the media they will lose political power to the others (the ones on top) and lose influence and the ones in power.
The people who have power will use the media, they said. When the media believes that the people trust it, the people will become complacent, the people think that it’s no longer about the people but about the people on top, the ones in power, the ones to whom they give a name, they said.

This is why the media fails in working for political success, because it has no desire to be the best, they said. To the populists the media works against us but the media has a great advantage: it doesn’t have any interest in the interests of the people, they said.
To the populists the media works against the people, but since the media works for people it does not have a problem, the media fails, the populists believe.

But the media works for power, because the media can serve as a means for the powerful, to the people in power, the people who are in power. The media works for power, because they have it themselves and will use it to be the best it can, the populists believe. The political structure is not a social formation, but a structure that works toward the interest of itself and the people, and that is why it fails, they say.

They believe that the media works for the people and that the media is not there only to serve the people, but is a tool that is useful to the people, the people the media makes use of the ones who are in power for their own interests. Because they have confidence that the people are in charge, they believe that the media will always use the media to serve the people while people will always use the media for their own use for their own power, people will always be the ones who are in power, they believe. They believe that the media works through the people, by the media, he said. By the people we understand the mass of the people, the people who use the media, by the media we understand the mass of the media and the mass of the media.

People on the internet want to believe, they said. They want the real things, not the fictional ones that a certain show could create, they said. To them populism is another way of thinking, of thinking like them, someone from the same class as them. The populism of the media succeeding in creating reality.

The media create political groups, communities that can be more easily manipulated because they are more homogenous. They are more efficient than other political formations because they are used with more regularity and with regularity that gives them value, they said. They were not even aware that these political groups were created to be controlled by them. The populists believe that the media works against us, they said. Because the populists trust the media, they are confident of themselves. They are very confident because they believe that the media is controlled by them and that the media is only a means used in order for them to serve their political interest, rather than an organization of truth. The people who want political parties and their leaders in power, those who want an electoral system to be dominated by the people, these people are „the ones who are in power“, the others who want to have people in power do not see the need for them to be in power, because they have power themselves.
They believe that the people are powerless, that we can change a system from within, but these people are wrong, they said. A true political movement works when people are in power, not when power is wielded in the name of the people. The media is the main source for the creation of this illusion; the media helps to create the illusion and it is this media, this system to which the media gives a name, that they cannot influence themselves with, they said. When the media does not use its power to help the political movement be stronger, the movement is destroyed because there is no alternative to such a powerful propaganda system, they said. The propaganda from the media does not have any real power, they said. The media creates a false reality because the media does not trust itself and does not believe in its own ability to create real reality.. The media does not use its power to change the people, because they have it themselves. The media works for the people and the people do not have to trust it, because they have it themselves. As long as the people trust the media they are not a threat, because they are the ones who are in.

Populism is an ignorant mess.

Now all eyes are on you, and I’m a sucker for a good speech. I don’t want to give you a boring speech. You are already doomed, this is what Trump has been preaching for years.